Sunday, April 22, 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam

Charles Goodnight knew and lived with buffalo for approximately 70 years of his life. At one time he drove about 10,000 buffalo 15 miles through the Palo Duro canyon so that his cattle could have the better grass in the canyon to grass on. He was surprised to that this many had survived with all the hunting that had been taking place on the tableland. He had been sure that the buffalo would become extinct with all the hide hunters killing them. It was at the suggestion of his wife, Mary Ann, that he raise a domestic herd. His herd that started with two head ended up with about 250 head.  Because of the scarcity of the buffalo, it had become an expensive commodity. Goodnight even crossed his buffalo with cattle to produce what was called the “cattalo”. Another activity that Goodnight participated in was holding buffalo hunts for his friend Quanah Parker and other Indians.

Robertson, Pauline, and R.L. Robertson. Cowman's Country Fifty Frontier Ranches In The Texas Panhandle 1876-1887. Amarillo, TX: Paramount Publishing Company, 1981. (accessed April 22, 2012).

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