Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goodnight College

Goodnight College was established in 1898 near the community of Goodnight, Texas. Charles Goodnight and his wife helped to start the college and at first the classes were taught in the Goodnight Methodist Church. The college had 3 teachers on the staff. Goodnight gave the school 340 acres of land for industrial use. In 1898, the church was built on to and 5 dormitories were built. In 1905, the college was transferred to the Baptists. By 1906, enrollment in the school had reached 175 and a three-story brick administration building was constructed. The faculty doubled to six. In 1914, the Goodnight College became a junior college. In 1916, the first yearbook was printed called The Buffalo. In 1917, due to lack of funds and the formation of West Texas State Normal College (now known as West Texas A&M University in Canyon) and the formation of Clarendon college, the Goodnight College closed its doors. The buildings were used by Buckner Orphans Home until 1920. Afterwards, the land was given back to Charles Goodnight who then gave it to the independent school district of Goodnight.

The graduating class of Goodnight College 1899 - 1900

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