Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anne Burnett Tandy Obituary

Anne Burnett Tandy, 74,Manager Of 208,000-Acre Ranch in Texas

    FORT WORTH,Jan 1(AP)- Anne Burnett Tandy, supervisor of the vast 6666 Ranch in northwest Texas died of cancer today at her home.She was 74 years old.
    Mrs. Tandy who carried on the tradition if her West Texas pioneer family in managing the cattle ranch, was the widow of Charles David Tandy, founder of the Tandy Corporation, which owns the Radio Shack retail stores.
    She supervised the 208,000-acre 6666 Ranch that surrounds Guthrie in King County and the two Triangle Ranches in Wichita County and the Panhandle. The ranches were founded by Mrs. Tandy's grandfather Capt. Burk Burnett.
    Mrs. Tandy was the director of the First National Bank of Fort Worth, director if the Southwest Exposition and Fat Stock Show and a trustee of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Amon Carter Museum of Western Art. Mrs. Tandy leaves a daughter.

Mrs. Tandy as noted in her obituary was a very active and well noted woman in the western world. As noted in the book Best Remudas Anne Tandy was inducted into the AQHA hall of fame on it's 50th anniversary in 1990. Her legacy lives on both as a part of the 6666 Ranch and as a part of western culture to this day.

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