Thursday, April 26, 2012

Education for the future

While the 6666 Ranch is in the business of marketing cattle and horses, the ranch finds importance in the future education about the ranch and ranching itself. 6666 Ranch is a well known contributor to the Texas Tech National Ranching Heritage Center in Lubbock, Texas as well as the education of students. The NRHC houses one of the original iconic red 6666 barns, as well a library named in the honor of Burk Burnett. The library also offers an elementary curriculum focusing on the ranch and it's history. In an effort to insure the future education of equine care the 6666 Ranch also offers internships within their horse division for undergraduates who wish to build on their agricultural based education with hands on experience.Along with their offers to educate the 6666 Ranch makes great strides in researching, veterinary medicine, and the future of both equine and cattle genetics. The 6666 Ranch has come far in its 140 years of business and has made every effort to preserve and improve it's legacy and future. Through its views on improving the future of education and research the 6666 Ranch has also shown a desire to improve the world as a whole.


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