Sunday, April 22, 2012

Montie Ritchie- Obituary

In July of 1999, Montie Ritchie died at age 88. He was the grandson of John and Cornelia Adair. He was born in Ashwell, England and moved to Texas to take over the JA Ranch. He was the son of James Ritchie who didn't have the knack to run the ranch. Montie moved to the JA Ranch in 1931 and managed the ranch with his brother Richard and sister, Gabrielle Keiler. Montie took over sole control of the ranch after 1941 when Richard died and Gabrielle sold her interest in the ranch. He later retired and turned the ranch over to his daughter, Ninia Ritchie Bivins. During his life, Ritchie was a photographer and art collector. He was also a director of the Continental Bank in Fort Worth and an honorary vice president of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association.

Chapman, Art. "Montgomery H.W. Ritchie Owner, Operator of Texas' JA Ranch." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette [Pittsburgh] 30 07 1999, Sooner B-6. Print.

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