Thursday, April 26, 2012

Strides in the Cattle Industry

Though the 6666 has made the most notable progress with Horse production, cattle have always been an integral part of the 6666 Ranch. In 2008 Joe Leathers was named General Manager of the 6666 Ranch and became the 6th man to oversee the ranch in 140 years. Leathers emphasizes cattle program growth and range management along with overseeing his duties to the horse program as well. Leathers said in an interview the 6666 Ranch has," started a brush control program paid for out of our pocket, and essentially we have cleared and put back into production 160,000 acres"^1. This program began without any government regulation or incentive but rather to increase the production of the land. According to Leathers this brush control program has increased and restarted the flow of natural springs, increased natural wildlife population, and increased land capability from 1 head/40 acres to 1 head/30 acres. These changes in methods have allowed for an increase in their Angus cattle beef production. Leathers says the ranch constantly strives to improve cattle genetics, which has improved feed lot gains and marketability of 6666 cattle. In regard to the changes made on the ranch Leathers states," you cant stay in business staying status quo"^1. As can be seen from a 140 year legacy the 6666 Ranch has managed to stay ahead of the curve and continue to produce quality beef to the American people. As lifelong cowboy and 6666 employee Boots O'Neal puts it," were in the business of turning grass into beef"' ,and as seen for the 6666 Ranch business is good.^2 These changes toward smarter healthier and friendlier business practices show that the 6666 Ranch is able to adapt to current market demand and needs while holding true to the values and roots of western heritage.

1.Joe Leathers.
2.Boots O’Neal.

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