Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Horses

While Burk Burnett always saw a good horse as an integral part of ranch operations, the world renowned 6666 horse did not come until after 1922. Upon Burnett's death the Ranch was passed down to his granddaughter Anne Burnett Tandy. While maintaining the legacy her grandfather started Miss Anne as she became know in the horse industry had a vision of making horses as much apart of the ranch as the cattle. As detailed in the book Best Remudas, " in 1940 the AQHA founders were her dinner guests the night before the meeting that originated the Association".^1. Now the horse division is run by D.V.M. Glenn Blodgett, he is held," responsible for breeding some of the best known stallions in the entire Quarter Horse Industry". Under the direction of Dr. Blodgett and the foundings of Miss Anne the 6666 Ranch was a recipient of the Best Remuda award given by the American Quarter Horse Association to the highest regarded Quarter Horse ranches.
1.Jennings,Jim. “ Best Remudas”. Albany, Bright Sky. 2006

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