Thursday, April 26, 2012

6666 & AQHA

The death of Miss Anne in 1980, while tragic did not stop the growth of the 6666 horse program, if anything it only made it grow more. Ranch ownership was passed down to Miss Anne's only daughter Anne Marion. In the years since her mothers death Mrs. Marion has made great strides in building on the 6666 horse program and the American Quarter Horse Association.In 1991 Mrs. Marion founded the AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo,Texas, and has been noted as one of AQHA's top contributors. In 1993 as a part of her plans to expand on the horse culture of the 6666 Ranch Mrs. Marion reintroduced racing into the ranch breed stock. The 6666 Ranch has been honored by the AQHA with the Best Remuda award ,and the Inaugural AQHA Legacy Award for 50 years of Quarter Horse breeding. Along with their high financial standing with the AQHA, 6666 Ranch also has many places in the AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum. Included in this are four 6666 AQHA stallions who have earned a spot in the Hall of Fame, one being "Special Effort" the AQHA's only Tripple Crown winner. Artifacts and memorabilia from the Burnett family can be found on display at the AQHA Hall of Fame & Museum, along with a bronze statue of 6666 stallion Dash For Cash at the entrance to the museum. The 6666 Ranch and the AQHA have been heavily dependent and tied to one another for the expansion of the Quarter Horse breed and the breeding of good horses, a relationship that will last for many years to come.


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