Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Overview of the 6666

The 6666 Ranch was founded by Burk Burnett in 1868 with the purchase of 100 head of cattle wearing the 6666 brand. At age 19 Burnett was already a wise and able cattleman. in 1873 he became the first rancher to practice grazing cattle near the market as opposed to the drive and sell technique. From 1880 to 1905 Burnett was able to lease some 300,000 acres from the Comanche Tribe in the Oklahoma Territory for grazing. The Ranch now has it's headquarters in Guthrie Texas, with its two ranches being the 6666 ranch located in Guthrie and the Dixon Creek Ranch in Panhandle,Texas. Adapting to market demands the 6666 ranch has raised cattle herds ranging from Texas longhorns, Durham,purebred Hereford, Hereford-Angus Cross( black baldys), and now raises strictly purebred Angus cattle.The ranch now maintains a herd of an estimated 7000 head of productive cattle. It is most famed for it's horse lineage and well proven cow horse remuda has made up some of the most famous bloodlines in the cutting, ranching, and quarter horse industries. Another well noted source of income for the 6666 ranch came with the discovery of oil on the Dixon Creek Ranch which has been a steady source of income since 1920. In 100 years time the 6666 Ranch has only seen 6 Ranch Managers, and still holds true to ranching's time honored traditions of fire branding, and during working season cowboys on the 6666 still eat from a chuck wagon. All of this information can be contributed to the 6666 Ranch website and it's overview of the ranch history for more information visit the following link.

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