Wednesday, April 25, 2012

6666 on the bigscreen

Cow's and horses are not the only thing to gain national attention from the 6666 Ranch. The ranch has also served a purpose for arts and culture. The work of western artists Tom Ryan and Mondel Rogers have been heavily influenced by the landscape found on the 6666. The Old Eight camp on the ranch were used as sets for two Roy Rogers films, Mackintosh, and T.J. The 6666 was also home to a well remembered advertising collection, The Marlboro Man. During the time of creating the television commercials and printed ads, a number of 6666 cowboys played the roll of the Marlboro Man, as well as the 6666 Ranch serving as backdrops for the advertisements. Though not necessarily a noted piece of ranch history or an excellent public relation in this day in age, the rugged traditional nature of 6666 cowboys did serve as the face for one of the most famous advertisement series in history. Though the ranch is not likely to serve the same roll for any future films the 6666 legacy has proven to stem out agriculturally, industrially, and even into pop culture. For a better understanding and view of the mentioned advertisements please view the following youtube link.

For more information on these works and 6666 Ranch History visit the Texas State Historical Association

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