Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Cowboys

Horses and cattle are not the only top quality stock on 6666 Ranch, but cowboys as well. 6666 Ranch employees are considered to be some of the most skilled and top paid working cowboys. Having only six men serve as Ranch Foreman the 6666 Ranch prides itself on loyal cowboys and strong work ethic.The 6666 Ranch is very selective in hiring new cowboys and only hires top quality hands. Unlike many working cattle ranches today squeeze chutes are not a common sight on the 6666. During branding season, cowboys work cattle by hand, exactly like it was done when the ranch started. Work on the 6666 starts at 5:30 A.M.  and during the spring round up," cowboys will work over 6,000 head of calves plus vaccinate and spray just as many mother cows".^1.Cowboys each morning pick their mount from the remuda (herd of horses) ranking by seniority, for horse of choice for the days work. Ideal cow horses for 6666 cowboys are of medium build, muscled, must have speed, and have to be cowboy gentle said former 6666 Foreman Mike Gibson. During branding season you wont see a to go order from Mcdonalds or a lunch sack either, cowboys eat off a chuck wagon just like they have for over 100 years. Traditions such as these are important to the 6666 culture and from the view they make things work pretty well. These cowboys have evolved to a certain degree, today they use gas heated fire brands as opposed to wood fired brands, this is due to ease and speed in reheating a brand once it has been used. Also the chuck wagon on the 6666 today while still serving up cattle trail traditional meals such as beef and beans, has many of the cooking amenities of the modern kitchen. This can be partially attributed to the increased volume of mouths to feed on the 6666 Ranch. Though times and technology has changed the 6666 Ranch and it's working cowboys have held true to their roots.


6666’s Ranch, Guthrie,Texas.

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